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Club Meeting Information

New members and guests may find that the Club Meeting can feel a little overwhelming. Information here is aimed at providing information to help our new members and guests.

An example meeting agenda can be viewed here.

Club Meeting Roles


Meeting Speaker

Table Topic Speaker


Netiquette for Members


Meet and Greet



Feedback Coordinator role is executed by club officers and trained members to capture general feedback for our speakers. Please ask the committee if you are interested in helping with this role.

Meeting Tools

Sign Up For Roles

Members can RSVP, sign up for speeches and roles on EasySpeak.

The agenda for each meeting is available on EasySpeak.

This platform also allows members to send each other direct correspondance - speakers can message their evaluator for example.


Members can download these backgrounds, especially useful for the Timer role.

If you are dialling in on a device and cannot use backgrounds, we recommend finding a neutral area to sit to avoid having a distracting background. Instead of backgrounds for timing you can hold up coloured items.

Dial In

The virtual meeting link for our meetings is available via EasySpeak for members or by registering on the events page of this website.

Members can 'subscribe' to the EasySpeak calendar so they get club meetings populated into their calenders.

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