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Toastmasters International

Sussex Online Speakers is part of Toastmasters International. Toastmasters is an organisation where leaders are made. Clubs offer a place in which people can practice their public speaking and leadership skills. Sussex Online Speakers meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. The virtual doors open at 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start (London time). Register to join us for a meeting.

Toastmasters is a long-standing organisation offering communication and leadership development to its members. Throughout the world, there are approximately 364,000 members and 16,200 clubs.

Toastmasters offers a formalised education system allowing members to progress at their own speed, with a variety of speeches and projects for members to choose as they progress along their ‘Pathway’. With 11 Pathways – ranging from Presentation Mastery to Dynamic Leadership – members can focus on the learning journey that works for them.


Find out more about Pathways,  

Sussex Online Speakers

Our club was born from the pandemic situation in 2020. A handful of members from clubs in our county of Sussex decided that the connection made online created its very own magic for members. We found ourselves visiting other clubs all over the world. It opened up new vistas.

Online public speaking is a real skill to be honed and developed. Our club enables members to connect from anywhere.

Post COVID-19, Companies will be further challenged to adapt to staff working remotely along with the challenge of connecting virtually with staff, customers, and the world. Our online-only club will allow people from all over the world to meet in a supportive environment, where they can challenge themselves to develop their public speaking, communication, and leadership skills.

Since launching in January 2021, Sussex Online Speakers has welcomed members from the USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom and has gained attention from people from across the rest of the globe.

We know that a certain type of magic can be created between our members as we support each other to develop as confident speakers and competent communicators.

What happens at a meeting of our club?

Our club is managed by a committee. It was founded by club sponsors, Amy Jones and Lucy Brooks. Since chartering as a fully-fledged club, it is now managed by volunteer members. More about Toastmasters Club constitution and management principles can be read here.

The leaders within the club work together to promote, manage and execute the clubs’ meetings.

Club meetings consist of a formal program that includes roles focused on facilitation skills (a key part of communication and leadership). Meetings include prepared speech slots and impromptu speaking spots. All roles and speeches are evaluated verbally, with prepared speeches also receiving written evaluation follow up that is part of the education program to confirm members' completion of individual speech projects.

Explore the various club roles here.

While all Toastmasters clubs are similar, each has its own evolving personality – a personality formed of course, by its unique members. What all members should have in common is a commitment to the Toastmasters values of integrity; respect; service and excellence. These are explored in the Toastmasters promise, which all members make upon joining. 

All Toastmasters, regardless of their location, whether in-person or online, have to abide by the Toastmasters Code of Conduct.

What to know more? Contact us.

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