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Meet & Greet

This is one of our most important roles and we usually have two Meet & Greet people assigned to each meeting.

Meet and Greet people are asked to be at the meeting at 6:30pm (UK time) to meet and greet anyone who arrives before 7pm (UK time). 


Meet and Greet people put our members and our visitors at ease and help them relax before the meeting begins.


While it is important to foster camaraderie and hospitality, Meet and Greet people give those present an opportunity to raise questions and concerns that be answered by either a Meet and Greet person or a committee member who is present. For example, "Does anyone have any questions or concerns before our meeting begins?"

Questions asked of visitors usually consist of:

"Where are you from?"

"Are you already a Toastmaster?"

If they are a Toastmaster, "What is your home club?"

Hint: With our visitors, make a note of the answers and share the info with the meeting President in a private chat message so they can welcome them formally during the meeting.

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