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At Sussex Online Speakers, the Zoommaster is the one who opens every meeting on the Zoom account.


The Zoommaster is also the one to let people into the meeting. There should be no delay, except in the case that someone arrives during a speech, in which case it is best to bring them in after a speech is finished, because a moving screen and new face can distract speakers. In this situation, the Zoommaster can send anyone in the waiting room a message to let them know that we will let them in shortly. For some detailed background, please view this video, recorded in August 2022.


Depending on the number of people present, to save time, we may use a breakout room for the warm-up session. The Zoommaster will move the Warm-Up Master and half the participants into a breakout room. The Toastmaster and others stay in the main room. The Zoommaster should also try to have the grammarian and general evaluator in separate rooms, and to ensure that one of the founder members is in each of the rooms.

The Zoommaster is also responsible for muting people who might forget to mute themselves while others are speaking.

In the event that the Zoommaster is unable to attend a meeting, he/she will appoint a substitute from one of the members with the expertise to handle Zoom.

At Sussex Online Speakers, our Zoommaster also takes on a role outside meetings. This includes supporting the club by maintaining our zoom account, acting as meeting Zoommaster as far as possible, and being  part of the committee responsible for planning the progress of our club.

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