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For all Members


The core values of Toastmasters are Integrity. Respect. Service. Excellence. All members should focus their behaviour with these values in mind at all times.

For detailed information about using Zoom please see this video, recorded in August 2022.

The Oxford dictionary informs us that ‘etiquette’ is “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group” and ‘netiquette’ “the correct or acceptable way of using the internet.”


Netiquette for all members.

  1. Arrive early where possible, especially if you have a role.. We open most meetings 30 minutes in advance.

  2. Open the agenda and keep the time in mind during the meeting.

  3. Rename yourself to reflect your meeting role or status in the club if no role, i.e. Speaker 1 | First Name, Last Name or Member | First Name, Last Name

  4. Switch your camera on (if your bandwidth allows you to).

  5. Switch your microphone off during speeches. Switch it on to contribute.

  6. Treat others like you would like to be treated.

  7. Encourage, befriend, add value.

  8. Volunteer for roles, make sure you take on different ones.

  9. Volunteer for speeches.

  10. We are an international group, help others with their English but do not hold accents against them. We ask the audience to be patient, and fair and constructive with guests, i.e. be clear and encouraging if we cannot understand a member in order to support them.


SOS roles include a ZoomMaster. The club's Sergeant of Arms is the club's lead Zoommaster and is responsible for the club's Zoom account and duties outlined in the Club Leadership Handbook.

Any member of the club, or suitably trained visiting member, can be the lead or supporting Zoommaster during a club meeting, contest or business meeting.

 The ZM duties for regular club meetings are as follows.

  1. Arrive early to open the meeting 35 minutes before the start time (typically 6.25pm for 6.30pm doors open for a 7pm start)as you will be the host. The committee will provide you with the zoom account log in. The typical function is to open Zoom from a browser.

  2. Support the members assigned to Meet & Greet with welcoming guests and members into the meeting.

  3. Assign the co-host role to 2 + other members, ideally a club officer and a suitably trained member who can support plus people who will need to share their screen. 

    1. During contests, if contestants wish to share screen, they should not be made co-hosts and the contest should request a check for share rights.

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