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Welcome to the heart of the Toastmasters International website, Basecamp.


We have already introduced you to Pathways previously and maybe you've selected one with the help of a buddy or mentor? We also introduced you to easySPEAK, where you book roles and speeches. For everything else, you need Basecamp. In August 2022 we ran a short webinar to introduce members to Basecamp. You can view it here.

Get Setup

Basecamp is where you go to record your progress along your chosen Pathway. It is also where you go to send your Club colleagues feedback or encouragement on their chosen Pathways.

You can access Basecamp directly. Alternatively, it is accessible from the Pathways menu on the main Toastmasters International website. When you get there, you will see the Pathways logo, a search bar, a settings gear and the Menu bar, containing options for "Home", "Paths and Learning" and "Tutorials and Resources" as shown below.

Setting Up Campsite
basecamp pathways bar.png

Start with the Basics

The Settings option to the right (the gear wheel icon) allows you to set some basic information about yourself and also allows you to record a date when you last performed a particular role.

The Search bar allows you to search for other club members. This will generally be useful for you to provide them with feedback.

The Home button contains several useful links, which get mentioned a little later.

The Paths and Learning menu option is where you go to access your Pathways and your Pathways Modules. This is where you access the online training offered by Pathways and where you go to notify us that you have completed the module (usually when you have completed a speech or speeches).

Finally, the Tutorials and Resources menu option takes you on to a vast range of helpful information, including Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and Evaluation Resources.

There's often more than one way to get to the same information on this website, so it can unfortunately be a bit confusing. The best way to tackle it initially is to work out what you want to do from the sections below and follow the instructions therein.

This short video is also helpful in showing you around basecamp.

pathway access.png

How to Access Your Pathway

Click on the Paths and Learning menu item and you will be taken to another screen where you can launch one or more Pathways (yes, you can have more than one running at a time, alongside other items that you might wish to undertake later, such as the Pathways Mentor Program).

provide feedback.png

How to Provide Feedback

Feedback is a really important part of every Toastmasters meeting. Each attendee is encouraged to provide some feedback to each speaker. This can be done in text chat on Zoom. However, it is also possible to give a fellow Toastmaster feedback via Basecamp - where you can also award them with particular badges for extra encouragement!

Simply search for the member by name using the Search bar in basecamp. Then Click on their name below the search bar.


When their profile appears, click on the "Feedback" menu item below the blue menu bar.

Here, you have options to share feedback with everyone or just the individual person. You can click on the paperclip option on the bottom right to attach an Evaluation Form (see the next item!) and you can click on the badge button at the bottom right to award the Toastmaster with a badge. That's all there is to it!

evaluation forms.png

Where to Find Evaluation Forms

Every Speech delivered at Toastmasters is evaluated by an Evaluator, who makes notes and suggestions on a specific Evaluation Form and also gives a speech to provide this feedback.


This role is explained early on in a Toastmasters Pathways journey. It is important to know where to go to get all the forms that you will need which will guide you through the specific things to evaluate for any given speech.

Simply click on the Home button to see the menu items shown above. All the Evaluations forms for every speech on every pathway can be found under the big Speech Evaluations button! They are all editable PDFs, so you can just type straight into the form and send it to the speaker afterwards.

Want to Know More?

Just ask your buddy, your mentor, or fire away a question to our club email

You can also contact us using our Contact Us page.

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