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New Member Information

Getting started

Our club leaders will be reviewing your membership profile from when you signed up to see how they can best support you. Members are always encouraged to reach out via email at or the club WhatsApp group for support.


Toastmasters International will send an email when your membership is live and it is most important that you log onto the Toastmasters International website to choose your first educational Pathway. This will trigger your access to the Learning Management System, which you can use at your own pace to support your learning and completion of projects in the Pathways system.

Below are links we recommend you bookmark for easy access.

About the Club

We launched in January 2021 with four founder members who very much enjoy the online experience and meeting people from other countries and continents. Since launching, we have rapidly gained members. We have over 14 nationalities represented in our membership and there are more on the horizon. We chartered on October 1, 2021 and continue to grow. You can help us grow by introducing your friends and family to our club.

Key Information

The below resources will support you in your membership journey

EasySpeak Platform to RSVP and Sign Up for meetings

A summary of leadership in Toastmasters

Role information and details about our meetings

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