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Being a Toastmaster

About Toastmasters

Being a Toastmaster is a commitment to developing yourself and your fellow members. Our club is a family and part of the wider Toastmasters International Community. Members make a commitment to this community to help each other. We do this with integrity, respect, a commitment to service, and with the goal to strive for excellence.

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Sussex Online Speakers is dedicated to creating a community in our membership, where our members can connect from anywhere to develop their communication and leadership skills. We are proud to serve Sussex and beyond with our online only Toastmasters International club.

Club Constitution

Club Addendum of Standard Club Options


C. Jean Hamilton-Fford

Andy Gibb

Johnathan Kaye

Amy Jones

Tom Gray

Michael Priest

Lucinda Brooks

Hana Plevova

Anastazya Wada

Nicola McCarthy

Alex Cebo

Elizabeth Stephens

Alex Javier Y. Ruiz

Keifa Allen

Gareth Topp

William Summers

Debbie Stephens

Craig McDermott

Jess Roper

Ellen Singer

Meritha Paul-van Voorden

Dick Paul

Oscar Curros

Andrea Garfield-Barkworth

Loredana Rusu

Paddy Range

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