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Happy Anniversary!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Join our anniversary celebration meeting on Monday the 25th of September.

October 1st will mark our club's two-year anniversary as a chartered club in Toastmasters International. As a club, our journey started out of conversations between our four founding members in late 2020. The benefits of online and indeed the power to ‘’Connect from anywhere’’ were not something we wanted to let go of. As the pandemic situation adapted, we launched and picked up members from across the globe.

Right now, our members live in the UK; Ireland; Saudi Arabia; Spain; the USA; Burundi and Turkey.

Milestones We've Achieved From the perspective of the Toastmasters Community, our club

  • maintains close to 100% enrolment into the Toastmasters Education system, as our members enthusiastically follow the Education program,

  • has achieved President’s Distinguished status for 2021/22 and 2022/23 by achieving 10 out of 10 goals,

  • strives to be a community-based club, not an advanced club. We have several members who are dual members; however, we aim to keep our membership conversion focused on bringing Toastmasters to new members.

Community at Its Best: Why Sussex Online Speakers Thrives Community is the cornerstone of any successful Toastmasters club, and Sussex Online Speakers is no exception. The online space has only strengthened our sense of community, turning it into a support network that operates beyond local limits. We've fostered an environment where every member can connect, engage, and improve, staying true to our "connect from anywhere" tagline. We are a small club numbers-wise, as we remain committed to active and engaged members and grow a strong base in our community. What's Next for Sussex Online Speakers? As we enter our third year, the potential for growth is enormous. Of our four founding members, we are now onto our third year of these founding members serving as President. But the future succession of the club will evolve beyond those founding members and will focus on developing our new members' leadership skills.

The focus for the months ahead is to hold our members accountable for their goals, celebrate achievements and have a lot of fun doing it! Does anyone want to play BINGO?

Coming up at our first meeting in October, one of our members, who is a professional in the digital event space will deliver a tech-focused meeting to challenge our members to use the tools available to them to enhance their online presentations and speeches.

Beyond this, the future of our club is in the hands of our membership. I hope you’ll consider joining our club community, connecting from anywhere and thriving in a safe place to hone your communication and leadership skills.

Join our anniversary celebration meeting on Monday the 25th of September. Amy Jones President, Sussex Online Speakers 2023/24

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