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Why wouldn't you improve 100 skills?

On Monday July 8th at 7pm (London time) 2024, our club is hitting the milestone of 100 meetings of our members.

This milestone happens to be taking place during the 100th year of Toastmasters International! Our members decided we'd share 100 reasons why you should join our club because who doesn't want to improve 100 skills?!

young professional working on a laptop in an open plan living area
woman completing self paced learning on her laptop

Guests are welcome to join a meeting for FREE so you can see how our members improve skills and confidence.

You can sign up on our events page.

If you want to join us, click here.

Personal Development

  1. Improve public speaking skills.

  2. Build confidence in communication.

  3. Develop leadership abilities.

  4. Learn to give and receive constructive feedback.

  5. Enhance listening skills.

  6. Improve time management.

  7. Develop critical thinking.

  8. Gain experience in public speaking.

  9. Improve impromptu speaking abilities.

  10. Learn to manage anxiety when speaking.

Professional Growth

  1. Improve professional communication skills.

  2. Enhance presentation abilities.

  3. Develop persuasive speaking skills.

  4. Learn to conduct effective meetings.

  5. Gain skills for job interviews.

  6. Improve networking skills.

  7. Develop a professional persona.

  8. Enhance your resume.

  9. Boost your career prospects.

  10. Gain recognition in your professional field.

Educational Benefits

  1. Access to educational resources.

  2. Opportunity to complete speech projects.

  3. Learn through the Toastmasters educational program.

  4. Access to mentoring.

  5. Participate in workshops.

  6. Learn from experienced speakers.

  7. Gain insights from diverse speech topics.

  8. Develop a lifelong learning habit.

  9. Stay updated with new trends in communication.

  10. Participate in educational contests.

Social Benefits

  1. Connect with people from different backgrounds.

  2. Build a global network.

  3. Make new friends.

  4. Share experiences and learn from others.

  5. Be part of a supportive community.

  6. Enjoy a sense of belonging.

  7. Gain encouragement and motivation from peers.

  8. Participate in social events.

  9. Enjoy the camaraderie of club members.

  10. Celebrate achievements together.

Convenience and Accessibility

  1. Attend meetings from anywhere.

  2. No need to travel.

  3. Save time and money.

  4. Accessible to people with mobility issues.

  5. Participate in a comfortable environment.

  6. Flexible meeting times.

  7. Access meetings on various devices.

  8. No geographical restrictions.

  9. Connect with members worldwide.

  10. Experience the convenience of online learning.

Personal Satisfaction

  1. Achieve personal goals.

  2. Experience personal growth.

  3. Gain a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Overcome personal challenges.

  5. Inspire others with your journey.

  6. Develop a positive self-image.

  7. Experience the joy of learning.

  8. Celebrate your progress.

  9. Enjoy the journey of self-improvement.

  10. Be proud of your achievements.

Club Specific Benefits

  1. Engage with a club that focuses on Connection, Confidence, Community, Learning and Growth.

  2. Experience the support of a close-knit community.

  3. Participate in themed meetings.

  4. Enjoy a structured meeting format.

  5. Benefit from a well-organised club.

  6. Access to experienced mentors.

  7. Participate in club competitions.

  8. Enjoy the club's international reach.

  9. Engage with a club that promotes lifelong learning.

  10. Be part of a club with a global perspective.

Skill Development

  1. Improve storytelling skills.

  2. Learn to use body language effectively.

  3. Develop vocal variety.

  4. Improve speech organization.

  5. Enhance visual aid usage.

  6. Learn to connect with your audience.

  7. Develop persuasive techniques.

  8. Gain experience in different speech formats.

  9. Improve debate skills.

  10. Learn to speak on various topics.

Personal Empowerment

  1. Develop self-discipline.

  2. Gain a sense of purpose.

  3. Empower yourself to take on new challenges.

  4. Learn to handle constructive criticism.

  5. Develop resilience.

  6. Gain the courage to take risks.

  7. Inspire others with your growth.

  8. Develop a positive mindset.

  9. Build a personal brand.

  10. Discover your potential.

Cultural and Global Awareness

  1. Gain insights into different cultures.

  2. Develop a global perspective.

  3. Learn from international members.

  4. Share your culture with others.

  5. Participate in international events.

  6. Gain exposure to diverse viewpoints.

  7. Develop cultural sensitivity.

  8. Engage in cross-cultural communication.

  9. Participate in global discussions.

  10. Be part of a global movement for personal and professional growth.

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