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Striving for Excellence

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Toastmasters all over the world are striving for excellence. Every single member who joins Toastmasters International will have a unique journey and experience. The education system provided is the same, and the operations of clubs are fairly standard. How much an individual member puts into their efforts and experience makes the difference. As with all things in life, you get what you give.

Will you become a more confident public speaker?

If you increase your effort to improve and put work into delivering speeches while taking on feedback from fellow members, you will gradually gain confidence until you wonder why you were ever nervous!

Can you improve your communication skills and become more effective in how you communicate?

Practising your communication skills, from active listening to applying different communication styles, helps you become a competent speaker and become better at listening and communicating your ideas.

Will you become a better leader?

Your confidence as a leader will grow if you step up to lead, take on roles, consider feedback, and adapt as necessary.

What makes our club different?

At Sussex Online Speakers, we are a club founded by members across the beautiful county of Sussex in the south of the United Kingdom. We set ourselves a goal of bringing the world to Sussex with a forever-online club. As part of that goal, we wanted our club to be a club that would strive for excellence. We talked about what that might look like, and we encourage our members to keep being part of that conversation. This is leadership in action.

As one of the club’s founders, I bring a handful of years of experience in Toastmasters with me. My ambition was that the club should achieve the accolade of a President’s Distinguished Club. This is a benchmark that all clubs in Toastmasters can use to remain focused on achieving excellence.

From my personal experience, two key elements must be in place for a club to achieve Presidents Distinguished accolade and maintain it.

  1. A success plan.

  2. A sense of community within the club.

A plan is how we make dreams happen. A sense of community is how we get members on board to be part of that plan. If they proactively work on their communication skills, our club will thrive.

Together with the members of our club, the committee - supported by the Toastmasters International community - strived for excellence, and the achievement of being a President’s Distinguished Club for the 2021/2022 programme year reflects this.

I am confident our members will continue to strive for excellence, led by a committee that will plan for how we will get there for many years to come.

Come and be part of our community!

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