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Five Toastmasters Challenges for You

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

  • Take the plunge and visit a club – especially while many of them are online. Register for the next Sussex Online Speakers meeting here. All you have to do is dial in for a warm welcome. We take time to explain to visitors how the club works.

  • Take part in an impromptu speech session (we call it Table Topics). Speak for a couple of minutes on a topic given to you as you are invited to speak.

  • Join our club. Once you have visited a couple of times, take up our invitation to join the friendly, supportive community that is Toastmasters, and Sussex Online Speakers.

  • Take on a role. Once you are a member, quickly get to grips with the different roles you can take to help run the meeting. Early roles we recommend are running the warm-up, opening and closing the meeting, or operating the timer slides.

  • Start your pathway to speaking success. Every member begins at level 1* on one of the eleven available pathways. These range from Presentation Mastery to Dynamic Leadership, from Engaging Humour to Motivational Strategies. One of these will suit your objectives, and all of them will increase your self-confidence in speaking, communicating, and leadership skills.

  • Tell your friends to come along too - OK, that's six!

So, whether you want to star at a job interview, make a presentation to clients, ask for a pay rise, run an online workshop, or just feel better about yourself - our club can help you achieve that goal.

*Access to Basecamp and the full pathway scheme is given to members when they join a Toastmasters club.

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