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"Effective online communication is not just about the message; it's how you deliver it."

Over the course of the last six months, my journey of personal and professional development in public speaking with Sussex Online Speakers (SOS) has been a rich and transformative experience.


From the outset, I grappled with a sense of trepidation, particularly in navigating the landscape of digital communication tools, particularly Zoom and Teams. The concern of potential technical glitches loomed large, acting as a barrier to confidently engaging in online conversations.


However, with the support and encouragement found within the Sussex Online Speakers group, a transformative shift occurred. I conquered my fear of digital communication and emerged with newfound confidence in using platforms like Zoom and Teams. The experience was invaluable in my work life, and my virtual communication improved exponentially, emphasising that effective online communication is not just about the message but also how it is delivered.


Moreover, the journey with SOS provided an invaluable opportunity for networking with accomplished speakers. Through interactions within the group, I have gained insights from individuals seasoned in Toastmasters, public speaking, and digital communication. These experiences expanded my knowledge base and created meaningful connections that contributed significantly to my overall development as a speaker.


This newfound confidence extended beyond the digital realm and manifested in improved presenting skills. I have embraced a more composed approach to presenting, effectively managing the skills associated with public speaking. The supportive atmosphere within the SOS group played a pivotal role in fostering this positive change.


In essence, being a member of SOS stands as a testament to the transformative power of a supportive community.  Not only did I conquer my initial fears and apprehensions in digital communication, but I also emerged as a more confident and skilled speaker with the ability to navigate various speaking environments. My growth as a speaker over the past six months reflects the depth and richness of the experiences gained as a member of the Sussex Online Speakers community.

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