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Meet our mentors

You have taken the first step in your journey. But you are not alone. Just ask any of the club officers to assign you a mentor. A mentor can help you through those first months, and your first few speeches. After which you can either fly on your own, or maintain a friendship with your mentor for occasional guidance. Meet our team.


Anastazya Tomoko Wada

 Vice President Membership and mentor

I am passionate about Pathways, Toastmaster International’s educational program, and am an active member of Sussex Online Speakers and other clubs in the US. I enjoy working with new members to discover the “magic” of Pathways, its ease and its complexity. Through my work in the field of stress, I love applying what I learn through Toastmasters into my life personally and professionally, sharing the opportunities and possibilities.


Mike Priest

Club Treasurer and Mentor

I have been a Toastmaster for five years and a member of Sussex Online Speakers for the last two of those. I'm currently working through level 5 of the Presentation Mastery pathway.


Olga Byrne


Since September 2018 I have worked up to level 5 of my pathway. I enjoy the social and professional connections, the fun and the contests.  I enjoy helping others to find their way in our organisation.

Amy-Jones-768x768 (1).jpg

Amy Jones

Club Secretary and Mentor

I enjoy mentoring members who want to develop themselves as leaders, or new members just starting out. Nobody's journey at Toastmasters is the same and I love helping members figure out their journey.


Alistair Barton



Alistair has been a Toastmaster since 2019. He is a member of two clubs: Aylesbury Speakers (in person) and Sussex Online Speakers. For his work, he leads a team that runs digital services and events and also produces webinars.

NZ pic of Lucy.jpg




Lucy Brooks

Club President and Mentor

A Toastmaster for three and a half years, and a part-time translator, I have completed two pathways and now want to share my experience with our members.

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