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What You Gain

You gain in so many ways when you become a member of our club.  Many of the benefits are listed below. However, until you join us, you can't experience fully the support and encouragement on offer. We will work with you to ensure your success. Go ahead and read the benefits of being a member of a Toastmaster club and click on the 'How to Join' button. You'll be glad that you did!

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When you join as a member, you benefit from:

  • PRACTICE – Our meetings offer members a place to practise their public-speaking – from formal, prepared speeches to impromptu speaking.

  • COMMUNICATION – Our club isn’t just about public speaking. To become an effective communicator, our members focus on public speaking, active listening, and becoming well-rounded communicators.

  • LEADERSHIP - As part of every meeting, there are roles to fill that keep the meeting running smoothly. These roles help you practice leadership skills. They ask you to prepare yourself and to keep to time so the meeting runs smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone in attendance. There are other opportunities for leadership, too!

  • EDUCATION – Our club is part of Toastmasters International which offers an educational program called Pathways. Discover where Pathways can take you here.

  • MENTORING – Members are assigned mentors and, over time, become mentors themselves. This journey helps members to continuously evolve.

  • COMMUNITY – Our club is part of the Toastmasters community and members have opportunities for training, conferences and contests across the globe.

What you will learn:


By joining us, you’ll learn the skills to become a better communicator, speaker and leader.


Working through a proven education program called Pathways, you will complete various projects based around public speaking, communicating and leadership.

These skills include:

  • body language,

  • eye contact,

  • voice projection,

  • speech writing,

  • and evaluating others.


At the higher levels of the program, you will be embarking on advanced projects to signal your progress.


You get to practise and learn at your own pace with the support of our friendly and helpful members.

At each meeting, you get the opportunity to practise one area of the program, building up each skill set until you complete the program as an accomplished speaker!

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