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 "Sussex Online Speakers has given me confidence - not just to speak to a large group of people, but to become a leader as well. Until I joined this club I would never have thought I was capable of some of the activities I have undertaken at this club. It's not all giving speeches. There is so much more. I urge anyone who feels nervous about speaking and taking roles in a group to join the club. It could change your life!"

Lucy Brooks

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"Sussex Online Speakers is my home away from home. Not only is it where I feel quite easy to be myself and express myself fully, it is also a place where I have made connections and built relationships through participating as a speaker participating in a variety of ways.  If you want to learn to speak well and want to learn to be an effective leader, come and join the club. You will be glad that you did!"

Jean Hamilton-Fford

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"I was previously a member of a Face-to-Face Toastmasters but found that SOS suited me so much better. The shorter meetings by no means equal less quality; in fact, the steady discipline keeps every meeting to time. Being online allows people geographically dispersed to come together; weaving a rich tapestry of experiences and role models. However, the most important trait is that it’s FUN!, shown by how many of us rejoin each fortnight. Come and see for yourself."

Nicola McCarthy

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