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Speechcraft is a Resounding Success

How much can a person’s confidence and self-esteem grow in just four weeks?

The answer is: A LOT!

Participants to our most recent Speechcraft course came from six interesting backgrounds, with six unique reasons for joining the course. There were non-native English speakers who boosted their confidence in speaking in English every day, self-confessed bags of nerves, through to members who speak in public daily but were looking to challenge themselves further. Each participant was able to find connection and growth with the support of our members and the wider Toastmasters community.

The course covered how to construct a speech, the use of body language and vocal variety, the power of using great vocabulary. Speechcrafters each made three speeches during the course, and participated each time in the lively impromptu speaking sessions.

Speechcraft offers an accelerated experience of the magic of Toastmasters clubs, and we sometimes run them twice a year.

If you are interested in our next course – cost £45 plus a commitment to join our club on completion - please contact us, subject line Speechcraft.

By the end of each course, coordinators of the course, are filled with pride at the progress each participant has made.

Feedback from the Speechcrafters after the last session was extremely positive and everyone stayed online to chat and connect with one another, despite a rather important football match going on at the time.

Course coordinators are supported by a team from Sussex Online Speakers, who acted as guides and role-holders, along with several highly experienced toastmasters from other clubs. Educational speeches and inspirational talks are also part of the programme.

Want in on a fun and educational way to build your confidence? Click the button below and put Speechcraft in the message.

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