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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The beauty of our club is that it offers you a sense of belonging, a tribe where you can grow and shine. While geographic barriers used to limit community access, our club breaks down those walls, allowing you to connect, grow, and succeed from wherever you are.

At the heart of this tribe mentality is the powerful act of recognising achievements. In a community as vibrant as Toastmasters, it's essential to stop and celebrate our milestones, both big and small. These celebrations do wonders for individual self-esteem and motivation. When one person succeeds, it energises the whole tribe. It's not just an affirmation of hard work; it's a catalyst that drives everyone to push their boundaries further.

Acknowledging individual success benefits everyone—it elevates the group dynamic, making each member feel valued and respected. The sense of community we build this way is the secret sauce that makes Sussex Online Speakers an enriching experience for all. For each unique member, progress will look totally different, and we are here to celebrate your journey – from those who are joining to challenge their English comprehension skills as bilingual members or members looking to compete in the Toastmasters contest cycles!

Our program year runs from July 1st and I would like to recognise the achievements our club members have already made!

- Óscar Curros, Level 2 Presentation Mastery

- Alistair Marston, Level 1 Dynamic Leadership

- Elliot Doherty, Level 2 Presentation Mastery

I invite anyone (over the age of 18) to make the most of our "connect from anywhere" ethos and find your tribe here at Sussex Online Speakers.

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Amy Jones

President, Sussex Online Speakers


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