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Mentor or buddy?

When you first join everything seems very confusing. Getting to grips with Easyspeak (our meeting organiser) and Basecamp (the educational system) is hard without help. That is why at Sussex Online Speakers we love new members to link up with an existing member for advice, help, and assistance.

You can meet with your buddy after a meeting, or on a separate call. A buddy will get you started, and that is usually sufficient for most people. Once you are on Basecamp and progressing through your levels, you probably don't need any further help.

We also offer mentors. A mentor will help and guide you to achieve your goals for a period of six months. First, you will identify your goals, and your mentor will steer you towards getting there.

We are not a special needs service. So if tech is your problem, or you have a neurodiverse condition, we are unable to help with those particular areas and you will need to seek professional advice. 

At SOS your mentor is a fellow member with more experience of the organisation than you. Our mentors have undergone a short mentorship course with Toastmasters.

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