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What on earth is Toastmasters International?

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Have you ever found yourself struggling to communicate your ideas clearly, confidently and effectively? Or maybe you have always wanted to improve your leadership skills and become a more effective team player. If that’s the case, then you might want to consider Toastmasters International.

So what exactly is Toastmasters International? In short, it is a non-profit organization that offers a supportive and encouraging environment for individuals to develop their communication and leadership skills. Toastmasters clubs are available in over 143 countries, with a membership of over 364,000 individuals worldwide.

At its core, Toastmasters International is all about providing individuals with a platform to practice and improve their public speaking abilities. Members have the opportunity to deliver prepared speeches, and impromptu talks, facilitate meetings and receive constructive feedback from fellow members. Toastmasters clubs offer a structured program that includes The Pathways Program, workshops, educational resources, and mentorship to help members achieve their personal and professional goals.

What sets Toastmasters International apart is the sense of camaraderie and social networking it fosters among its members. By connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, Toastmasters clubs provide a unique opportunity for personal and professional development.

But Toastmasters International goes beyond just the club environment. Members can challenge themselves with speech contests and leadership roles as well as attend training and conferences. As a membership-based organization, there are levels of business conducted to ensure clubs and their members are given opportunities and that the organization itself is managed.

One of the most valuable resources Toastmasters International offers is the Pathways Program. It is an educational program designed to help members develop their communication and leadership skills. It offers a customized learning experience that allows members to choose from 11 different learning paths, each with a different focus and set of projects. Each path consists of five levels, each with a set of projects that build on the skills and knowledge gained in the previous levels.

Whether you want to improve your public speaking, communication, or leadership skills, Toastmasters International has something for everyone. By joining a Toastmasters club, you are investing in yourself and gaining access to a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.

So, what does it look like in action? At a club meeting, there are formal roles from ‘’Toastmaster of the Day’’ (like an MC) to evaluators who focus on evaluating prepared speeches, grammar, and the overall meeting itself. Clubs also have impromptu speaking practice in a session called ‘’Table Topics’’ which is a fantastic way to ensure members are getting opportunities to speak. The meetings will have a timekeeper to keep things on track and other relevant roles, with some clubs altering the program based on member feedback, skills, development, and the length or frequency of club meetings.

In conclusion, Toastmasters International provides individuals with an excellent opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills. It offers a supportive and encouraging environment for members to practice and improve their public speaking abilities, and gain valuable feedback from their peers. By joining a Toastmasters club, you are taking a step towards investing in yourself and your personal and professional growth.

Sussex Online Speakers encourages you to consider visiting us or any other club, to explore the opportunities provided via Toastmasters International!

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